Horses resting in a green summer pastureEducations – Trainings, Courses & Workshops

MiMer Centre is rebuilding its concepts and offers of educations. Last year, MiMer Centre celebrated 10 years as an organization – and while that was a happy moment, as well as an achievement we are proud of, it also prompted some deep thinking of where we want to go from here.

While we are doing some internal restructuring within our organization, we also internally work on what content to have in MiMer, what offers to make to the equine, human, nature assisted growth, learning and therapy world.

MiMer Centre has always been about filling gaps and building bridges. The gaps we filled 10 or 5 years ago – are no longer necessary, as others have stepped forward and now offer what we then saw missing. It means that in some areas MiMer will step back. As there is no point in offering redundant content.

The bridges we have built remain – and we keep on building those.

We are taking a deep and long look at what our strengths are, and where we want to put our resources.

You will during 2024 see some offers of trainings, courses, and workshops, as well as other learning opportunities and learning materials. Some might surprise you.

We also have a couple of educational and network projects running – those will remain, even be built upon.

So, while on the outside, it might look like MiMer Centre isn’t doing much, we are. And it will show, later. You can of course as usual reach out to us with any ideas about projects, collaborations, events etc. We are very happy to engage in exchange and development within our field.

Keep your eyes open for news from us! We will not stress this transformation of MiMer – so I ask you to be patient with us. We will keep you updated to our best ability through our newsletter, on social media, here on our website and in direct and personal contact.

All the best from us to you!

Katarina Lundgren, Director of MiMer Centre

Sweden, February 18, 2024

Reach out to us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.