horse and human interactionMimer Centre is an international education and research center, with its head office in Sweden. We strive to connect the practical aspects of working with horses, with research and theory, especially pertaining to the field of Equine Assisted Interventions (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning).

Mimer Centre was founded in 2013. Our mission is to do research on horses as biological, emotional, social and cognitive beings. It means seeing the individual, but also putting the horse in its environment and asking questions about horses from perspectives other than the equestrian.

Foremost we study horses and horse-human interaction, but we also do comparative research on other animals (also humans).
Our vision is to, by new knowledge and new angles on old knowledge, contribute to a better world for horses, to increase their overall welfare, as individuals, as a species and as a part of existing and developing ecological systems. But also, to better understand what the relationship between humans and horses is and what goes on in the human-horse interaction.

To reach our vision, we are, besides doing research, also working on reaching out with both existing and new knowledge, to the interested public (horse owners, riding schools, breeders and everyone else interested in horses, horse-human interaction and new knowledge in these areas). This we are doing in different ways, f ex. by lecturing, giving and hosting workshops, partaking in conferences, writing articles and books. 

To fund research, education and the spreading of knowledge within our areas of interest, we have set up a trust. Read more about how you can apply for funds or contribute with funds under Mimer's Trust

Today we collaborate internationally with other researchers and experienced horse people, in different projects. People with expertise in medicine, veterinary medicine, psychology, change management, ethology, equestrian sports, cognitive sciences, etc. They all have experience and hands-on practical knowledge of both horses and humans, and often also of other animals.

To expand our horizons we travel to make contact with other people working towards the same vision as we do. We have also hosted and taken part in several international workshops. In this way, we are building an international network of like-minded people. We strongly believe in networking and cooperation and to expand our network we are always seeking contact with people interested in our areas of research and interests, for joint projects or for an exchange of ideas and thoughts.

Please feel free to contact us with propositions, ideas, and questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

All photos on the site are taken by Nils Lundgren and Katarina Lundgren unless otherwise mentioned. None of the pictures are taken during treatment or paid events, but during trainings, educational events and demonstrations.