horse standing in sunlightEthics are essential in therapy to ensure the welfare and wellbeing of both equine and human participants. Better welfare of equines in therapy leads to better welfare of humans and the other way around.

In therapy situations at MiMer Centre, there is both human professional (therapist) and an equine professional/specialist present with the client. Understanding and noticing the signs of discomfort/pain/stress in equines ensure the wellbeing of the horses participating in the sessions.

The treatment sessions are done in the pasture with the herd of horses without restricting equipment. The horses are free to choose whether they participate in the session or not, for how long, and they are not restricted in case they want to return to their friends, grazing etc. whenever they choose to do so.

Agency, again for both humans and equines, is very important for us at MiMer Centre. The horse is also a subject, and thus the objectification and instrumentalization of him should be avoided at all costs.

We aim to create living conditions for the horses where their biological, emotional, social and cognitive welfare and wellbeing can be met, and offer a space for the equines where they can also grow through the work that they do.