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09 November 2023
Human Trauma
Trainings & Workshops
Being a being is being relational. Simple? Huh? – Yes. Seemingly so. Or. It is that simple. But we humans like to complicate things, and since I am a human, I am going to do just that! Not for its own sake, but when we look closer at things, go throu...
25 July 2023
Equines in Therapy
Human Trauma
Trainings & Workshops
Everything. If we broaden Rewilding to include Rewilding of us humans. Which I think is absolutely necessary. In the bigger schemes of things – we cannot reverse the development of mass extinction and work towards diversity if we do not include worki...
13 June 2023
Equine Cognition
The Art of Seeing
Observational Skills
It is so easy for humans to put our human ways of being onto horses. Seldom do we even notice it or notice it when others do it. If something sounds like a plausible explanation, we often just take it for the truth. Especially if it fills a gap in ou...

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