We offer trauma-informed mindfulness to organizations, individuals, and other groups. We can facilitate different mindfulness workshops tailored to your needs and wishes. You can choose from shorter 1-2 hour mindfulness sessions to longer retreats. Our mindfulness services are often facilitated in nature, adding another stress-reducing/healing effect. However, we also offer mindfulness indoors. We can offer packages at our facility in Skåne, Sweden, in beautiful natural settings next to a nature reserve, or we can come to you. 

What is trauma-informed mindfulness? 

The prevalence of trauma is high. Mindfulness can be a helpful tool in trauma recovery. Yet, it can also uncover or intensify symptoms of trauma. Thus, we use a trauma-informed approach to mindfulness. In trauma-informed mindfulness, we strive to assure the safety of our clients physically and emotionally. The facilitators have an understanding of trauma, its symptoms and window of tolerance. Trauma-informed mindfulness offers explanations about what it is that we are going to do and choices to ensure the safety of the practice.

Contact us with your questions, wishes/needs, or for a quote. We are happy to inform you about our mindfulness services.