Konik horseA 3-Day Course with Feral Ponies in Popielno

Join us for a 3-day Learning Wild course at Popielno, a nature reserve in the Great Masurian Lakes district in Poland spreading over 1300 hectar with experimental forest owned by Polish Academy of Science. This is the place of origin for most of the Koniks living across Europe these days. Konik Polski is a uniquely Polish breed of horses possibly descending from Tarpans (Equus caballus gmelini Ant.) who roamed the historical areas of former Poland, Lithuania and Prussia until late 18th century and even in the early 19th century. Wild tarpans were domesticated and used extensively by the local populations for farming and breeding with different types and breeds of horses. In 1936 profesor Tadeusz Vetulani, a researcher and great enthusiast of primitive horses, started an experiment to prove that Koniks are direct descendants of forest Tarpans (Equus caballus gmelini Ant. forma silvatica Vet). He selected and bought horses who had the most of the Tarpan traits from local farmers near Białowieża and started a forest reservation there. After Vetulani’s death in 1952 the experiment was closed, only to be reopened in 1955 in Popielno. Today, the forest at the lakes, is home to two herds of Koniks. At our visit at Popielno, we will be guided by professor Marta Siemieniuch from the Polish Science Academy who is now continuing Vetulani’s work of the restitution of Europe’s "wild horse". We will have dicusissions about rewilding, what a horse is, how you study them, what we can learn from seeing them live ther lives like this, more "wild", and so much more!

If you have questions about our course in Poland, contact our MiMer representative and host in Poland, Marta Sikorska at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Katarina, Emily, Marta and Kasia