Eriskay Ponies on South UistLearning Wild is a concept, an experience, a course, a workshop, a personal journey - all in one :-)

The concept came about when I (Katarina Lundgren) and Bonny Mealand talked about me coming to visit her in Scotland to see how she works, see the environments she works in, and “meet” the feral and semi-feral living ponies she works with. And we thought, why not open this up and invite others to come along? And we can share what we know, and have experienced, and we would have great opportunities to discuss all the exciting stuff we want to discuss with equally nerdy horse, nature, and rewilding people as ourselves!

So last year Bonny put together a fantastic program for us at the Insh Marshes in the Cairngorms National Park and on Eriskay, and I and Emily Kieson went there and together we delivered the first edition of our Learning Wild courses ever. We ourselves had a marvelous time and the positive feedback we got from our participants made us promise to re-run it. From this - we now have a collaboration. Learning Wild is the child of both Bonny Mealand from Touching Wild and from us at MiMer Centre. And we now consider it to be a concept, and a "thing" of its own. And we look forward to seeing how we will apply and develop it in a co-creation process with you as a participant. Your experiences, curiosity, and feedback matters to us!

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