Marta SikorskaMiMer Masterclass is a subscription-based service, where we provide a platform for interaction, discussions, and meetings for anyone and any kind of EAP/L practitioners. The aim is to support personal growth for practitioners, professionals, and students in our field.

We want to offer you space, provide and facilitate for you to take part in a community that can support you in finding your unique path as a facilitator. With the help of inquiry, explorations, and curiosity we invite you to explore and find out how you can find and stay connected to your purpose, at the same time as you support others in finding their unique path.

Monthly Topics

Each month has a specific topic. The first 12 months' topics are:

  1. COMPETENCE (how to connect to your sense of confidence and competence, finding ways to support competence, how to find balance between “always growing” and “being good enough”, feedback that actually helps, being competent with horses - what does it take?)
  2. TRUST & SAFETY (what is trust in relation with clients? what is trust in relation with horses? what is trust in relation to yourself? Repairing trust, inviting trust). How do you create the safety, for you, for others, to grow?
  3. COMMUNICATION (what supports you to communicate, what do we communicate when we speak, when we move, when we are online, communication with horses, communication hygiene)
  4. COURAGE (how facilitators make use of courage, courage with horses, courage with clients, courage with oneself, healing courage, growing courage)
  5. FEAR (fear as resource for you, clients, and horses, recognizing fear as emotion, growing care for fear, communication strategies)
  6. PLAY (where is space for play in EAI, what is play for adults, what is play for children, what is play for horses, how we can invite play into EAI)
  7. CHOICE Where are you heading? Finding your path. Finding out what you need, or already have. What is your next step? Who do you want to be in the field of EAI?
  8. AUTHENTICITY - “REALNESS”, “SHOWING UP How do you show up? What do you share of you? Without shame? With shame? With gratitude? What supports you in your showing up? How do you support others?
  9. RESPONSIBILITY How do we assume responsibility for our own growth? For our own learning? For our business? For our common field?
  10. ACCOUNTABILITY How do we hold ourselves accountable? Follow through on our own promises and plans to and for ourselves? Our future dreams and visions? Which steps we want to and need to take to get where we want to go? For our own inner growth?
  11. COMMUNITY How can you be part of creating the tribe/herd/village/community that you need for support, so you can continue to grow, so you can support others?
  12. JOY, CELEBRATION and MOURNING How do we celebrate life? Or successes? Each other’s successes? How do we seek and find what brings each of us joy? How do you mourn what you had to leave, that which left?

Katarina LundgrenStructures & Events

  • Peer support
  • Peer supervision
  • Community learning
  • We provide educational material and other resources
  • We share knoweldge and experiences
  • We invite you to share your knowledge, experience and resources
  • Zoom meetings, bi-monthly.
  • Assaignements
  • Networking
  • Working in dyads, smaller groups and in the big group


Teachable via MiMer School. We use zoom for meetings.
We meet bi-monthly.

We take in new members the 10th each month. 
The following week we have the first meeting.

2 weeks later we have a follow-up meeting with feedback and sharing.


ONE MONTH = 40 Euros
• one theme
• two zoom meetings
• access to education materials 
• assignments for individual, dyad and group work

SIX MONTHS = 200 Euros
• completing a basic process
• 2 individual coaching/supervision session online with Marta or Katarina
• certificate of completion allowing access to advanced process
• discount price

12 MONTHS= 360 Euros
• completing a full circle
• 6 individual coaching/supervision session online with Marta or Katarina
• certificate of completion allowing access to advanced master class.
• discount price


Faciltating the MiMer Masterclass 2021:

Marta Sikorska

Katarina Lundgren


You sign up directly at our online platform on Teachable. Just follow the link below.