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The Application of Science and Best Practice to Equine Assisted Interventions and Activities.

Are you an equine professional who wants to work with Equines in Therapy or Learning Programs? Or a therapist who considers including Equine Assisted Interventions in your work?

Do you already know about (or study) EiT/L, but want to enhance your knowledge and skills on equines, their welfare and the role they play in these programs? Or perhaps you are a beginner who wants to learn more about the field? 

Then this training is for you!

It has both breadth and depth and will give you a steady fundament to grow from.


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Equines in Therapy and Learning Programs Level 1 - The Fundamentals -  Online 


Introduction to Equine-Assisted Therapy and Learning

EiT/L Level 1 provides essential foundational knowledge for anyone working in (or curious about) the field of equine assisted therapy and learning. We explore existing and emerging research in horses, equine cognition, equine-human interactions and how to apply this knowledge for equine-assisted programs of all kinds. All levels of practitioners are welcome.

The course includes lectures by Emily Kieson PhD, MS, PgDip, ESMHL (Research Director at MiMer Centre), Katarina Lundgren (Director of MiMer Centre) and psychologist Eleanor Petitt (from MiMer Centre's advisory board) covering theories and research in cognition, psychology, equine-human interactions, communication, stress, trauma, welfare, and the evolution of the horse.


Emily Kieson, PhD in Comparative PsychlogyTools Not Rules

We are model-independent and pride ourselves on teaching tools, not rules. The course is developed by practitioners with experience of multiple equine assisted therapy and learning programs.

We focus on skill sets, knowledge, critical thinking, networking, self-awareness and science to help you develop the EAT/L program that fits what you want to achieve with your services, not a model that forces you to conform to a predetermined set of rules.

This online education covers the theoretical part of MiMer Centre's Level 1 training and includes assignments for practicing critical skill sets. You can choose if you want to do the practical part of the training online or in person (the last option comes with an added cost).


Read more about what content is covered in the Level 1 training here:

Equines in Therapy and Learning Programs Level 1 - The Fundamentals 



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Emily Kieson  

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