Horse's LandIn Italy we currently offer trainings and other equine related events at Horse’s Land - The Sustainability Farm, in Civita d’Antino, AQ, Italy.

Horse's Land is situated in Civita d’Antino in the region of Abruzzo, approximately one and a half hour by car from Rome (which is your nearest airport). Our host is the owner of Horse's Land, Gianluca Tullio. 

Gianluca is telling us about himself and Horse's Land:

"This is a place for horses to live together in their natural environment, and for humans to be inspired to live sustainable relationships with horses and between each other.

I was born in this land, surrounded by mountains and forests, where horses were used for the hard work in the farm. I wasn’t even one year old, when my grandfather used to sneak me out, and take me with him during his work in the farm to see these fascinating animals. Few years later I got my first horse, Belfagor. He was young, strong and enormous, and I was forbidden to ride him, until I would grow up and be strong enough. I still remember the day we went to pick him up… it took ten people to get him in the van… I was watching from a corner, my eyes wet and my heart beating loudly… On the way home, sitting in the car, I was imagining the two of us galopping in the snow and through the forest… I was so small and he was so big… I was afraid but fascinated. I would take him out of the stable to the pasture, and watch him, and listen to him eating the grass… always a bit afraid that he could startle a moment or another… It took me four years to get on his back… He got old, while I grew up... but he’s always been my horse, and he knew it! Time went by, more horses arrived and I learn to ride, on the bare back with no bite and no tools at first, then on the saddle, show jump, then American saddle. I moved to Rome in 2002 and I reduced the contact with nature and my horses.
Today, with Flor, and our two kids, Filippo and Valerio, we often go visit the farm and our horses and find inspiration for a sustainable living based on sustainable relationships.

The six horses we have today are all born in our farm; they live outdoor moving from pasture to pasture according to the season, and sporadic contact with humans. Let me introduce them…

Argai is the eldest member of the herd, he’s 20 years old and is somewhat the guide of the group. It is very docile and affectionate, perfect for activities with neophytes. As a newborn he immediately developed an excellent relationship with humans, perhaps due to the fact that his mother didn’t produce enough milk during breastfeeding so we had to help him with additions. Every time he saw me, he was sniffing my nose, until his teeth grew.

Tareq 16 years is the father of the two mares we have. He has a very strong character and tends to impose his personality on the herd and with extraneous horses, he is very curious and still playful despite his age. He decides “how” and “if” to stay in the company of people.

Managua (Manà), 11 years old, began to get curious and get closer to humans after the age of 4, so she was trained very late. She’s a very protective mother in the herd and especially with stranger horses, sometimes even with humans.

Alma, 11 years old, has always had a very mild and curious nature towards people. She is a caring mother but not overly protective except to strangers horses.

Orazio, 16 months, is the son of Manà and he also limited contacts with humans the first year of his life. He has a very playful and active personality within the herd"

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